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MRI Houston, TX

Concussions and MRIs

Concussions are relatively common types of injuries. They occur on the courts of high-schools and colleges, and they occur just about every Sunday during football season. A concussion occurs when there is some type of force to the head, such as hitting the ground during a tackle. Generally, concussions are likened to a bruise on… Read More »

MRI Houston, TX

Three Methods of Screening for Stroke Risk

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as many as 800,000 Americans experience some stroke each year. A large majority of incidents are first-time patients. Furthermore, approximately 130,000 deaths each year, and even more disabilities are attributed to stroke. Most strokes that occur relate to a narrowing or blockage in blood vessels either… Read More »

MRI Houston, TX

Pediatric MRI: Let’s Talk about Safety

One of the aspects of being a parent is that we naturally want to shield our children from risks, whether they may be necessary or not. An example of what may feel like a necessary risk is a necessity for pediatric MRI, PET scan, CT, or even X-rays. If your child’s pediatrician has suggested any… Read More »

Non-Contrast MRA: Reasons for Use

Diagnostic imaging is not a common topic of discussion, but there are certain terms that are relatively recognizable. Many people have heard of an MRI test, but far fewer have heard of the MRA, or magnetic resonance angiography. MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging, creates images of internal structures with the help of powerful radio wave… Read More »

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