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Gail W.

To all, I just had to forward this letter to the staff of GO Imaging. I have never been to a medical facility that in any way compared to your facility, admin, and medical staff. I give you the blue ribbon “etched in gold.” When an individual is in need of medical attention generally they are apprehensive, in pain, riddled with the uncertainty of not knowing the extent of damage to the body they with be called on to endure. I was treated with the upmost respect and was made to feel as if this group of professionals really cared about my problem. I did not feel like a number someone entered into a machine. Due to my doctor and insurance company I waited for some time but did not mind because of the unusual kindness given to myself and my husband. I mean unusual because these days and times you are not shown this kindness in medical facilities. I had left one facility for an MRI at which time I was informed that I couldn’t be still so I was wasting my time and theirs. I’ve had several MRI’s before and knew I was still. I have several surgeries more

Luann P.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your help with my recent MRI! I am for grateful for your kindness, help, and professionalism. You made it so easy for me; moreover, what I thought would be an awful ordeal turned out to be a piece of cake. In fact, not only I do feel absolutely silly and ridiculous for being for so apprehensive in the first place! However, the last four MRI’s I had to have over the last 13 years were grueling ordeals, and then some, but no more horrid experiences for me. Thanks again for treating me so well and for making a believer out of me. Never again will I fear an MRI! I am going to talk to my Dr.’s and leave your business cards. I got extremely lucky finding you all. Unfortunately, Dr.’s do not often know where the open MRI units are, or give it any thought. Hard on the patient! Mine will know, now, where they can send their patients for painless, stressless test. I wish everyone in patient care were as good as you all! God bless you! – Luann P.

Gay M.

First of all I would like to thank you for helping me get my MRI done at your facility. I was impressed when I drove up to see such a beautiful building. I walked in and was greeted by a person, not a window where you ring a bell and wait for someone to acknowledge your presence. The waiting room was very elegant, the flowers were beautiful, and a sense of warmth was there. While I was filling out paperwork, I was offered a beverage, which made me feel at home. Once I had my paperwork finished, I was taken into the changing room, and then met up with the technician. He was very informative, and explained everything I was going to do. He helped me on the table, then put covers on me and asked what kind of music I liked. It was so relaxing looking out the window watching the squirrels and listening to music. I am so glad there is a facility like yours that makes you feel comfortable, not stressed. Every time I would go to the hospital to have an MRI done, the fear would come back. The atmosphere has a lot to do with more

Earnestine D.

First thank you all for being so nice and professional upon my visit last Friday! You all made everything so easy and comforting especially the techs due to me having issues with closed spaces.....thank you! Lastly I did bring a care package toothpaste, toothbrush and soap so I hope my name got placed in this raffle because I feel a winner coming on lol.....thank you all so much for your help, now I can go forth with further treatment options with my doctor! – Earnestine D.

Candice G.

Dear GO Imaging: I just wanted to thank you for my “enjoyable” experience at your facility. (Your staff) was wonderful at fitting me in so quickly and was very kind and personable. (The technologist) was gentle and explained everything that was going to happen. When leaving your facility I was given a thank you gift which was very classy & made me feel really good. You followed up with a thank you note which completed my process. How kind of you to treat you patients like important people. You get an A+. Thank you again for making my experience a great one. – Candice G.

Peggy C.

Dear Sir or Madam: My husband came into your facility for an MRI. He had a ruptured disc and was in a great deal of pain. We were impressed by how homey and comfortable your facility is, but we were more impressed by how caring your staff is. When my husband had to be taken in for the MRI, (the technologist) asked me if I wanted to accompany him and then saw to it that he position a comfortable Queen Anne chair right next to the MRI table so that I could be there next to my husband. I hope that we shall never need another MRI, but in the event that we do, or anyone we know does, we will certainly encourage them to make use of your facility. Thank you for your kind care. – Peggy C.

Kathi G.

GO Imaging Staff – Thanks so much for working so hard to get me in for my scans. You always seem to step up to help – whether it’s for the troops or for your patients. You all are the very best. Thanks again for all you do. – Kathi G.

Stacy S.

Thank you for your incredible service! Your facility is beautiful and your service & staff are outstanding. We appreciate everything you have done for us. – Stacy S.

Allison H.

Thank you for the patience and concern you all showed. God bless. – Allison H.

Luisa R.

GO Imaging Personnel: Thanks again once more for being so nice while I went to your facility for my MRI. You make people feel so special. I will always keep everyone of you in mind. – Luisa R.

Sherian P.

I tried several other places and I could not do this. I’m extremely claustrophobic. The other places in Humble the technician made me feel very scared and I was totally unable to continue. (The technologists) here at GO Imaging were so great. I didn’t think I could go thru this and be totally eased. He made it where I was able to finally complete. The staff up front was also so great and helpful. God bless you and thank you. I will refer all my friends needing an MRI here. – Sherian P.

Luann P.

Thank you for the unexpected and wonderful treatment I received during my MRI. When I spoke to (the front office staff) on the phone, I knew right then that GO Imaging was the facility for me. My conversation with (the front office staff) clenched it for me. (They) made the process of scheduling, approval, and authorizations simple and stress less. As a Medicaid patient, I rarely receive this kind of treatment. Usually, the legwork is all dumped on me; I do the staffs’ job for them. This time it was totally different! No hassles whatsoever. Every kindness and courtesy was shown to me. With a multitude of painful medical problems I did not think it possible to be made comfortable enough to get through the MRI, however, miracle of miracles, they made me comfortable. Tolerating the procedure was a snap. The technologist was extremely calming and put me at ease –no hyperventilating or apprehension. A most truly heartfelt thanks you to you all for being so kind. (Your staff) was such a comfort. God Bless You! – Luann P.

Carol G.

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. I have had several MRI’s done at your facility and your staff is amazing. They make a scary situation very pleasant. Last Friday one of my tenants was commenting about having to have an MRI but the facility she was referred to could not get her in till next Tuesday. I said let me call GO Imaging, this was nine a.m. She had her MRI by three o’clock Friday afternoon and was thrilled not to have to think about it all weekend. She was able to go to the doctor for the results Tuesday rather than having the exam done that day. It is hard to put into words the feelings of gratitude someone feels when you make them feel so special. The professional and caring spirit is a refreshing change in the medical industry. Thank you for taking pride in your work! – Carol G.

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