Luann P.

Thank you for the unexpected and wonderful treatment I received during my MRI. When I spoke to (the front office staff) on the phone, I knew right then that GO Imaging was the facility for me. My conversation with (the front office staff) clenched it for me. (They) made the process of scheduling, approval, and authorizations simple and stress less. As a Medicaid patient, I rarely receive this kind of treatment. Usually, the legwork is all dumped on me; I do the staffs’ job for them. This time it was totally different! No hassles whatsoever. Every kindness and courtesy was shown to me. With a multitude of painful medical problems I did not think it possible to be made comfortable enough to get through the MRI, however, miracle of miracles, they made me comfortable. Tolerating the procedure was a snap. The technologist was extremely calming and put me at ease –no hyperventilating or apprehension. A most truly heartfelt thanks you to you all for being so kind. (Your staff) was such a comfort. God Bless You!

– Luann P.

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