Gail W.

To all,
I just had to forward this letter to the staff of GO Imaging. I have never been to a medical facility that in any way compared to your facility, admin, and medical staff. I give you the blue ribbon “etched in gold.” When an individual is in need of medical attention generally they are apprehensive, in pain, riddled with the uncertainty of not knowing the extent of damage to the body they with be called on to endure. I was treated with the upmost respect and was made to feel as if this group of professionals really cared about my problem. I did not feel like a number someone entered into a machine. Due to my doctor and insurance company I waited for some time but did not mind because of the unusual kindness given to myself and my husband. I mean unusual because these days and times you are not shown this kindness in medical facilities. I had left one facility for an MRI at which time I was informed that I couldn’t be still so I was wasting my time and theirs. I’ve had several MRI’s before and knew I was still. I have several surgeries ahead that I’m not looking forward to but my experience with your facility was a pleasure.

– Gail W.

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