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(My) patient entered my office with a chief complaint of a 40 degree scoliotic curvature of the thoracic spine and a 21 degree curvature of the lumbar spine. This patient was facing a possibility of going through a series of 9 surgeries to correct the problem or to at least fuse the curvature down so it would no longer progress. The parents were desperate to try anything else besides surgery. I sent this patient to GO Imaging to insure that there was no possibility of nerve or spinal cord irritation to the adjustments that need to be performed on this patient. The staff at GO Imaging MRI were very cooperative in getting this study performed which aided in determining what type of treatment and adjustments the patient needed in order to try to curtail her condition. The MRI was clear and precise and exactly what this doctor needed to determine what course of treatment would best benefit the patient. We started treatment (less than 2 weeks later), took an x-ray which should a 40 degree scoliotic curvature of the thoracic again and a 21 degree scoliotic curvature in the lumbar area. We took a follow up x-ray after one month of treatment; the curvature of the thoracic was reduced to 30 degrees and the lumbar to 15 degrees. After having ups and downs with her condition, she has maintained a 35 degree scoliotic curve in the thoracic and 10 percent scoliotic curve in the lumbar. … A few setbacks have occurred during treatment to include vacation, patient doing through a bout of mono, and a severe strep infection which laid the patient off several times for three or four weeks at a time. During the three or four weeks span, the curvature seemed to get worse and then we would get it back to better than what it was when she was first presented to this office. However, with continued treatment, we see improvement from a day-to-day basis. …To the staff of GO Imaging, we appreciate everything you have done for this patient in aiding her treatments and continue to look forward to working closely together with your facility.

– Chiropractor, Cleveland TX.

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