Reasons for CT Scan Imaging

CT Scan Houston, TXA CT scan is an imaging procedure that uses computerized tomography. This diagnostic imaging screen is a type of x-ray that generates images of internal structures that are more detailed than standard radiographs. A routine x-ray is two-dimensional, which is appropriate for the basic observation of bony structures but not necessarily for more complex forms. If your doctor has requested a CT scan, there is no cause for alarm; this test is a routine screening that simply provides a more accurate view of internal anatomy.

Whereas an x-ray can display denser matter, a CT scan can observe vascular structures, internal organs, and soft tissue with greater clarity. CT imaging also enables your doctor to view a “slice” of an area, a view that appears as if one were looking directly into the body. This is possible because the body passes through a rotating “x-ray tube” as images are obtained.

Why a CT Scan May be Performed

There are some reasons that CT imaging may be appropriate. Common situations include:

  • Observation of spinal discs to assess or monitor herniation or stenosis.
  • Diagnosis of stroke, and observation of extensiveness of bleeding in the brain.
  • To monitor cancer treatment.
  • Confirmation and observation of a suspected tumor.
  • Lymph-node evaluation as a follow-up to the manual exam.

This is a small sample of the reasons CT scans are performed. Computerized tomography has been in use for more than 40 years, and continues to provide valuable information that aids in treatment planning. Because CT scans can observe the tissue in a specific way, this form of imaging is credited with the earlier diagnosis of disease and, subsequently, improved patient outcomes.

Patients from areas in and around Humble and Houston can obtain the imaging services they need in a comfortable environment. We are proud to provide friendly service that incorporates the latest diagnostic equipment and professional reports from board-certified radiologists.

We would be happy to speak with you to answer any questions you have about an upcoming CT scan, or to schedule an appointment for your screening. Contact a facility near you today.

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