Celebrating National Youth Sports Week

X-Ray Houston, TXAt GO Imaging in Humble and Houston, we provide prompt services to physicians seeking diagnostic information related to injuries of various kinds. Sports injuries tend to be quite common among children of all ages, and x-rays are one of the best ways to observe the presence and extent of trauma to a bone or joint. In celebration of National Youth Sports Week, we discuss some of the prime benefits that children and teens gain from participation in a youth sports program and some of the ways to reduce the risk of injury.

Children Don’t Just Learn in the Classroom

The field and court are two excellent areas of teaching for a child. Here, kids learn to persevere; they learn to work as a team, and they see the value of rules firsthand. There may be no better way to help children develop strong values that will stay with them for life than within the area of sports. Positive character traits are also curated during what we might describe as play.

Significant benefits of youth sports include:

  • Self-discipline
  • Weight management and improved circulation and flexibility
  • Development of necessary motor skills
  • Access to positive role models
  • Engage in healthy competition
  • Self-confidence

Reducing Injury Risks

There are several ways in which parents and coaches, and the players themselves, can proactively reduce the risk for sports injury, including:

  • Obtain a thorough sports physical before participating in a new activity.
  • Learn the rules of the sport and follow them.
  • Learn how to properly use all protective gear, such as leg pads, shoulder pads, helmets, and mouthguards. Always use protective gear when practicing and playing.
  • Warm up properly before practice and play.
  • Stay hydrated during physical activity as well as after.
  • Do not play when tired or ill. Deteriorated physical stamina may invite injury.

Child athletes are not the same as adult athletes and are therefore have different susceptibility to injury. Children’s growth plates have yet to settle completely, their physical stature may vary widely from one to another, as does emotional maturity. Bones, ligaments, and tendons are still growing and may be vulnerable to collision injuries.

Schedule a Consultation

Most youth athletes can fully recover from injury. However, no one wants to miss the big game. GO Imaging is here to help physicians and patients get back into action as quickly as possible. To schedule your imaging test, contact our Houston at (713) 874-0111 or Humble office at (281) 358-3800

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