X-rays in the Digital Age

X-Ray Imaging Houston, TXThe use of x-ray technology began just before the 20th Century when Wilhelm Röntgen sought to understand the transference of electrical rays through an induction coil. Sounds like what anyone would do on a Sunday afternoon, right? Perhaps, back in the day, this was quite common. From this initial experiment came the discovery that rays could be passed through a variety of objects, including, at one point Röntgen’s hand. It was this curiosity and resulting image that led to the widespread use of medical x-ray imaging.

Medical radiology was an enormous step forward in clinical practice because it reduced the need for invasive exploratory surgery. It was a lifesaving advance in diagnostic medicine. However, this early form of imaging was not without drawbacks; nothing serious, but something that could be – and eventually would be – improved upon.

Precautions are taken during standard film x-rays to reduce exposure to low-dose radiation. At the same time, there has also been an advance toward the use of digital x-ray equipment. This method is beneficial for patients as well as clinical staff in the following ways:

  • Less exposure to radiation. There is 80% less radiation in the digital x-ray procedure than in standard x-rays. This is a significant reduction. Still, safety measures continue to be the norm to reduce exposure as much as possible.
  • The development of digital x-ray equipment has put an end to the use of films for image display. If you have an x-ray that needs to be shared with more than one healthcare provider, this is much easier to manage than it used to be. Instead of needing to carry physical x-ray films from office to office, it is possible to email images or downloads them onto a cd for convenient sharing.
  • Expedited results. Digital x-ray equipment immediately transfers images to computer software. There is no physical processing, as there is with x-ray films. This means referring physicians can receive imaging reports more quickly.
  • High quality. Digital imaging equipment has improved the final product that provided to the radiologist for interpretation. Furthermore, imaging software facilitates resizing without resulting distortion of the original image.

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